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  1. By Mike Hayden Posted on January 19, 2017

    Hello Umar ,
    Hope you are having a Fine day !
    We as your premium members will help you and refer your links.
    But i would like to put to ATTENTION to an urgent ISSUE as well … TODAY i lost 2 GB of my Bandwidth Because of
    Google Drive Links , THE dangerous Of Downloading from Google Drive and some other Cloud platform is ” THEY DO NOT SAVE the DOWNLOAD zip if by any chance the downloading gets Interrupt . My File was 786 MB downloaded and my internet got little fluctuation and everything GOT LOST .!! I had to Do from Starting all over .. If you want to go CLOUD then I would request you either UPLOAD the VIDEOS and the COURSE on Google DRIVE where we can access any course just by logging in ( Like http://www.MakemoneyDB) , If you cannot Do that then I would request you to UPLOAD the Courses on MEDIAFIRE or DWNFILES ( like Getwsodownlaod) Because in those DATA do not get lost .. if for some reason internet goes down or fluctuate It SAVES the ZIP file on server and can continue where it was left and start downloading again .. As a premium members we request you to take this into consideration while making decisions .as it cost in Buying Bandwidth on Commercial Scale . Best would be if you can make Globaldownloadlinks .com as what … Google Drive is BEST if we do not have to Download anything from it But to Login and Access the Videos/Courses on the Drive Only like how we See Videos on YOUTUBE . Thanks for Services and Best of luck for 2017 . We will Support you in your endevours ,

  2. By Umar Ali Posted on January 19, 2017

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you very much for your valuable notes & suggestions on Cloud Services & how to approach them with user’s perspective.

    I agree Google Drive is not good for Zip, Rar or any other compressed formats.
    Yes, it is quite good for videos, pdfs or any thing which can be viewed directly.
    I have 1 TB Google drive account. After internet connection lost, i was unable to proceed / resume further one of my files stored in it.

    I already see Mediafire,Dropbox, Pcloud seems to be good for cloud storage.

    I have implemented them in some of my posts as well,

    Thanks a ton for your support and ready to help me in this task.


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